Frozen French Fries (9mm) 2 kg / 10 kg
Frozen French Fries (9mm) 2 kg / 10 kg - TAZO Foods Pk

Frozen French Fries (9mm) 2 kg / 10 kg

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No cutting, no peeling required! Ready in 5 minutes at any time of the day to satisfy your snack time cravings!

These fries have a vibrant golden color with a fluffy interior and a crispy exterior! Perfect to serve with your favorite foods or as a dish itself. Our fries are made from freshly grown Potatoes 100% uniquely Pakistan-owned. 


To Cook:

1. Heat vegetable oil at 175 Degrees Celsius in a frying wok (karahi) or electric fryer.

2. Fill the oil half way with frozen fries and fry for 3-5 minutes until golden and crispy. (Donot make them brown)

3. Take out and drain excess oil.

4. Toss some salt, mix, serve & enjoy!

Brand: TAZO / Panda Fries 

Ingredients: Freshly cut potatoes - partially fried in vegetable oil.

Storage: Freezer | Expiry: 1 year